Going through my photos for one last post.  The hotel was amazing. Funny thing to say but super true.  Went to Glasgow to enjoy the place, and really one of my favorite things was the Citizen M.  The room was so high tech and super futuristic.  The TV was all personalized with my name and stuff.  I only ordered one movie ‘Get Him To The Greek’.  Took lots of lobby shots and a shot out of my window blinds.  They have a hotel catch phrase ‘Home Of The Business Nomad’ or something.  I’m a busy nomad.  A few more of the paintings I made in Glasgow.  Stuff for BLOOOM in Koln next week.  This is the end of the Jaunt for me.  Sad Happy.  Thank you thank you thank you for the chance.  Hope everyone likes the prints.  :):):) ttfn Mando